Minority-owned businesses, especially Black American companies, have a harder time accessing small business loans. COVID-19 impacted the world, but especially impacted the Black Community. According to data released by the city's Health Department, black residents in New York City have died from the coronavirus at a higher rate than any other ethnic group.

All Thngs Blck is a resource that allows it's users to search and submit all things that are Black Owned. We want this resource to serve as a place that is continuously updating with new businesses. We want to ensure we are continuously supporting the Black Community because of the hardships they faced before COVID-19 and during COVID-19.

We need to support Black businesses now and forever so we can reap the fantastic things they always have to offer.

If you are a business or corporation looking to contact us, please send us an email at allthngsblck@gmail.com.

- Janay Moss & Karen Umeda